Raymon Kakar: I've always had a love for Urdu, even though I've never spoken it

Raymon Kakar, who has been in this industry for quite sometime now, recently entered Prateek Sharma’s popular show Rabb Se Hai Dua as Dua.

Speaking about the reasons for her entry in the show she says, “A lot of things came together. First and foremost being the production house. When I got a call from LSD, my first reaction was that I must do this project! The other factor that helped me decide was the fact that I had not done a daily soap in a very long time. Last September my daughter went to university. Before that I needed a long break. And even after that I took a break. I wanted to spend every minute with her and after I dropped her to the university I was travelling with my husband for 3 months. After that my daughter had come down for her Christmas break. Only after she returned did I feel it was the right timing and the right production house! I wanted to work with LSD films for a long time. When Ashish from casting called and he said I am calling from LSD films before hearing my role and details, I said yes.”

Sometimes it’s a pressure when you are replacing a popular established actor from the show. Raymon explains, “I won’t say pressure, but I would say whenever you start something new, it’s always a challenge. Whenever any show takes a leap, a character that has been in the show for a long time and has already won hearts, it is difficult to replace the actor. I know for a fact that Aditi has already won hearts, so definitely fitting into her shoes and playing Dua is not easy. It would be fun and challenging. But I don’t have pressure because she did her bit and she did a fab job. I am also putting in a lot of hard work and I am sure everything will be fine.”

Throwing light on her association with the young producer Prateek Sharma Raymon says, “I have known Prateek for almost 7 years. I did his first show - Ek Deewaana Tha, I told him one of the reasons for taking up Rabb Se Hai Dua was the production, so that kind of says it all. I also did Ek Deewana Tha. I think for any actor, he is like a dream-come-true producer. He really treats his actors well. Not only actors, for that matter, but the entire unit, right from the spot boy to everyone, is really taken care of on the set. They are very precious to him, and it’s a very happy atmosphere on the set; everyone is smiling, we work hard, and we keep smiling. So it’s fun working here. We don’t feel burdened by work; we just don’t realize when the work is done. We come and work happily. The whole atmosphere is so happy, and I always say that it starts right from the producer, and whenever I have met Prateek, he is always in a very happy mood. He is always in high spirits, so he passes on that energy to his entire unit.”

Sharing further about her preparation for character Dua, Raymon says, “Preparing for the character of Dua was fascinating for me because I’ve always had a love for Urdu, even though I’ve never spoken it. My daughter is quite fluent in Urdu and really enjoys the language. I hadn’t spoken Urdu before, so our director Yusufji and writer Samir Siddique played an important role. They suggested watching Pakistani shows to grasp Urdu better, which proved helpful during the preparation. I also watched a few episodes of Rabb Se Hai Dua to understand the character of Dua better.”

Raymon Kakar, has been a part of popular shows like Kumkum, Ye Teri Galiyan, Apna Time Bhi Aayega and Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye.

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