Rohitashv Gour: Many people have experienced lasting fame from TV

Actor Rohitashv Gour, who is loved as Manmohan Tiwari in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, shares his thoughts on the nature of popularity and success in the TV industry. He adds that if you are on TV, you are sure to be loved for a long time.

“TV maintains its popularity, and many people have experienced lasting fame from it. For instance, Sushant Singh Rajput is still remembered from his TV days. There are many others as well, like Smriti Irani, and numerous characters who are still recognized today. While it’s true that memories from TV might be somewhat shorter-lived compared to films, the popularity doesn’t decrease. I’ve seen many old actors, even those who worked during the Doordarshan era, still being recognized and acknowledged today,” he says.

Talking about maintaining success in the TV industry, he says, “Maintaining success on TV depends on the individual. Some people elevate it to a high status, while others treat it as a routine part of life. Personally, I see it as something that comes along the journey of life, and when it goes away, something else will come. There’s no need to obsess over maintaining it. It really depends on the person—some people handle success well, and others do not.”

The actor also discusses the pattern of roles in TV shows. “In TV, you might start as the first lead, then move to the second lead as you age. At one time, we played heroes, then brothers, and eventually fathers. I’ve even been offered father roles. There’s no fixed pattern; it’s natural and happens often, especially on TV. Sometimes, they even cast a relatively young person as a father or grandfather. There’s no fixed pattern in TV. You might see a 16-year-old playing a grandmother. In the past, during the Doordarshan era, work was done with great depth. They paid a lot of attention to makeup, age, and casting. Today, the focus is more on the actor’s looks. They want the actor to be beautiful and presentable, whether they’re playing a grandfather or an uncle,” he says.

When asked about the most important thing about his character in the show Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai that drives him to come to the set daily, the actor says, “The most important thing about my character that draws me to the set is that every second or third day, a new story is born. Each story has a different theme and content, allowing me to react in a unique way each time. It’s like experiencing something new. This is why I am compelled to go to the set of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai every day.”

Finally, the actor emphasizes the importance of a good atmosphere on set. He says, “Having a good atmosphere on set is very important because if you’ve been working for many years and don’t have good relationships with your colleagues, you’ll start to dislike each other and criticize each other’s small gestures. So, a good atmosphere is crucial. There are many pranks played on set, and a lot of fun and jokes happen. I’ve also been the target of many pranks. One memorable prank involved our co-actor Saumya Tandon. It was announced that she had contracted COVID, and since I had scenes with her, I was told I might have it too. Later, we found out that Saumya was just pretending to cough and act sick. This prank went on for seven days. These kinds of pranks help create a fun and lighthearted atmosphere on set.”

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