Saanand Verma: Entourages are there to create noise about the actor

Actor Saanand Verma who has been part of prominent films like Babli Bouncer, Thank God, India Lockdown, Helmet among others, reacts to filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s recent statement regarding the entourage culture that exists in the industry. He had said that actors come with their own team including assistants, hair and make-up artists and even a social media team, making it quite the crowd. Agreeing with him, Saanand says that such huge teams are not necessary.

“Entourages are essentially there to create noise, to create an aura around a star. In the world of media production or creative work, entourages aren’t really necessary, but they end up being a part of the scene, making the production environment crowded and adding extra costs. They can create various problems, so the overall method is that the culture often involves these entourages,” he says.

Talking about a special person just to make reels, he says that this cannot be avoided. “With the advent of social media, our lives have become more public. This visibility is part of the business, and while we can’t avoid it, it can be managed. Social media teams are always present, so whatever the star or producer does, it’s all part of the business. The reality, whether good or bad, is that social media plays a strong role in our lives, and we cannot ignore it,” he says.

However, he says that it is distracting. “Creative satisfaction for an artist can be achieved, but distractions from social media often lead to compromises in creativity. On a creative level, the focus required for good work diminishes, and the quality of work drops. Typically, I have three people who go with me: my makeup artist, my hairstylist, and my driver, who also acts as my bodyguard and cook. So, there are a total of three people in my team,” he says.

He adds, “Many actors have entourages on set, which can be very disruptive. Instead of focusing on their work, some big stars create unnecessary drama, leading to a compromised creative environment. This behaviour turns the set into a chaotic place, like a fish market. It definitely disturbs the concentration of other actors, affecting the quality of work. This culture of entourages with their unreasonable demands is very detrimental to the business. It’s very, very bad.”

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