Saanand Verma: Happiness has a lot to do with good karma

Actor Saanand Verma says that your thoughts and actions are what keep you happy. Good karma is the source of your happiness, he adds.

“I believe happiness directly connects to good karma, if you have good karma, make good decisions, don’t hurt anyone, keep yourself healthy, wear good clothes, be excited to do your job; all these are ideas of happiness. Keep in mind that till the day you have happiness in life, your good karma meter is working and if you are in a bad mood, in a mood to fight, argue, be irritated, or cry; it’s your bad karma meter working. I see happiness this way,” he says.

He adds, “I find happiness in small things in life, when I am back home from shooting and if I get a cup of tea with some biscuits, I feel happy. There is nothing to gauge the happiness you feel on the basis of any materialistic things or some event. My happiness is unconditional. Staying happy should be a lifestyle, a daily practice, and a habit. Happiness should never be dependent, you should never let anyone make you unhappy. Never permit anyone to make you unhappy. Personal and professional balance is important, it is extremely important. We call it work-life balance also because there are so many other factors that are important and I always strike a balance by doing great things in my professional life and personal life. I always make sure to keep everyone around me happy. When I get a picture clicked with a fan or an admirer, I smile more than them.”

Ask him when he was the happiest, and he says, “I was happiest when in 2015 I travelled to Kanpur for an event. I witnessed that so many people love me so much. There were around 4000 to 5000 people in that school ground. I cried for days after coming back home, I was so overwhelmed with the love of the fans. I couldn’t click a picture with everyone there, there were 10-12 bouncers around me to take me through and those bouncers misbehaved with some of my fans and I felt bad and from that moment on I decided not to do events again.”

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