Saarvie Omana: It’s actually not easy to be a TV actor

Saarvie Omana, who is currently seen playing Meera in the show Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan, is proud to be a TV actor. She admits that people label TV actors so much that they can’t even try for movies or web because they think we TV actors do more drama.

“They don’t understand that without any rehearsal, or practice, we shoot our scenes. We get the script on the spot many times, and we have to prepare it on the spot, keeping everything in mind, like the emotions of the scene and the actor itself, to remember the lines so that we don’t forget or fumble in between the shots, to keep the body language, to convey the exact feel of the scene that the writer has written for the character, etc. So it’s actually not easy to be a TV actor; not everyone can do it,” she said.

“I just want to say that if we can perform the scene in one go, then for sure we can perform very well if we get a chance to act in web or movies because there we will practice and polish one scene for months. So just imagine we can perform so well in an on-the-spot given script; then what magic can we create if we perform after months of practice? Because practice makes man perfect, right? I just want to say that an actor is an actor; no one should label them. One has to start somewhere, and if we started with TV, that doesn’t mean we only belong to TV,” she added.

For Saarvie, keeping herself busy is the most important thing, and that’s why she loves to work for television.

“I’m young, and I can work hard right now. So I just want to work and keep myself busy with shoots, which I get from the television industry. I’m not sitting at home searching for another job; I’m just working daily, and that’s what I love the most.”

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