Sachin Parikh: Actor Entourages Shouldn't Overshadow Filmmaker's Vision

Pushpa Impossible actor Sachin Parikh says that an actor’s entourage can be a big distraction for the makers. Speaking in support of Anurag Kashyap’s recent interview, where he opened up about the entourage culture that exists in the industry, and that actors come with their own team of 7-8 people, that makes it a crowd, and increases the cost too.

Sachin said, “I agree with Anurag ji. He is one of the ace filmmakers of our industry and a maker who wants to make his craft on celluloid with certain vision and beliefs that an actor can bring for him. But this entourage, along with actors, becomes the biggest distraction for the maker.”

“Commercially, it may help the film or project to build curiosity and become a marketing tool as well, but at the same time, it should not become a hurdle in the creation of the maker who has envisaged his creation,” he added.

He feels that the actor coming with the entourage should take responsibility. He said, “The actors coming with their entourage should be responsible enough to understand that it does not, at any point in time, become a hurdle in the creation of film.”

So how many people go with you on the set? “Me and my spot dada. Only two of us. I ask for my stylist and makeup guy to also be along with me in films and web shows, but not at the cost of production budgets and limitations,” he said.

Sachin also believes that social media has changed the way people look at actors. He said, “Now people look at what you bring along as an actor, along with your talent and craft. At times, I have seen in our agreements and contracts that posting a certain number of reels and uploading content on our social media platforms is mandatory for the project you are associated with. The casting is done by seeing the blue ticks and your reach and followers on social media. Which at times can be one of the tools but cannot in any way be the benchmark for casting at all.”

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