Sahil Balani: It is not a regular kind of daily soap

Actor Sahil Balani, who plays the role of Dilip Jadhav in the show Udne Ki Aasha, says that the project is perfect for him. Produced by Rahul Kumar Tewary and Rolling Tales Production, the show is exactly what he has been looking for.

“Honestly speaking, I really wanted to work. After my last show, I was unemployed for 1 year and 3 months. I was getting scripts, but not the kind of characters, I wanted to work on. After my last show, I had a certain idea of what kind of scripts I wanted to work on, the characters, stories, everything. I was getting those scripts, but very few, and in some, I was being shortlisted. Even mock shoots were happening, but due to certain reasons, it didn’t work out. Then I was offered to audition for our show Udne ki Aasha, from Rahul sir’s production house,” he says.

He adds, “When I was briefed about the plot of the show, I was excited as this show is very unique. It is not a regular kind of daily soap; it had something special to deliver to society, especially to the young generations. It would help them understand what is good and what is bad, and the consequences of both, in the end! Including the family drama also but in its own unique and amazing way so that the message that is being wanted to deliver to society is not being ignored. And I believe for an actor, motivation is very important. If you get true motivation, then things go very smoothly. Then you don’t have to work too hard on your craft; it all comes with flow. This beautiful thought of the story really motivated me, and I guess that’s the reason why it all went very smoothly for me in this show. And honestly, I’m blessed that I got to be a part of this show.”

Ask him what is the USP of the show, and he says, “I truly believe that the name needs no introduction; it defines itself. ‘Udne Ki Aasha’ - from the day, we are born, the day we take our first breath in this beautiful auspicious life, the only thing certain after death is that every life has its own purpose, and after worth living and we find out with growing time. Everyone wants to be successful, everyone wants to achieve prosperity in life, happiness, family, etc. In short, everyone has its own purpose in life which gives them meaning irrespective of any field they are, and for which they work hard, which gives them motivation in life. And that is what our show is all about - knowing your purpose in life, finding out the meaning of your life, and achieving it ethically, no matter what the circumstances are. Also getting to know what is ethical and unethical in life and what are the consequences of both with a crisp of family drama and a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. I guess this is what ‘Udne ki Aasha’ is all about, and our title of the show is the USP, giving a complete introduction of itself and about our show and completing our show.”

He says that the title is totally apt for the show. “Honestly, I personally really love the title of our show. These three words express dreams, goals, happiness, purpose, motivation, and specially life! I mean, if someone asks you, ‘What are your dreams’, ‘what are your goals’, ‘What is your Udne ki Aasha in life’; don’t we get a smile on our face while talking about it? There is a feeling of peace, don’t we get motivated and feel that fire, and that energy in our own self!” he says.

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