Sankarshan Karhade: Performed First One-Act Play When I Was the Age of the Drama Juniors Contestants

With the launch of Drama Juniors, Sankarshan Karhade is stepping into a new role as a judge on Zee Marathi. Expressing his excitement, Sankarshan said, “This opportunity is a significant test for me because this time, I will be appearing on Zee Marathi as a judge. It’s a very different and challenging role compared to the ones I’ve played so far. I’ve worked as a host, competed, won, and lost in competitions, but I have never sat in the judge’s chair. This new responsibility is quite daunting, but I am approaching it positively. I am thrilled that someone believes I am worthy of this role. My goal is to provide excellent guidance to the young participants because experiences and lessons learned at this age are memorable for life. I still remember my first competition, my first one-act play, my first award, and my first failure. These kids are going through many firsts, and being a witness to their initial successes and failures is very gratifying for me. If they feel that what Sankarshan Dada says is helpful in their lives, that would be the greatest joy.”

He continued, “I get along well with kids. I naturally enjoy talking, which helps me converse with children of any age. I also have two twin children at home, which adds to my experience. These children have been selected from various towns across Maharashtra. In this era of going viral, participating in this competition is a way to test where they can reach. Observing the auditions, I feel that today’s kids are very natural because they have exposure through various mediums. When we were young, we didn’t have so many resources. But today’s kids learn a lot by watching mobile phones, TV, and different competitions, making their performances seem effortless. As a judge, I need to ensure they don’t lose the seriousness required to succeed despite all the exposure. At their age, I was touring Maharashtra performing one-act plays. My hometown is Parbhani in Marathwada, and I started working at their age, acting in my first play when I was seven years old. I focused on studies just enough and spent the rest of my time watching plays, reading books, and participating in various competitions across Maharashtra.

Sharing his journey, he added, “This competition is very important. In today’s sensitive environment, we are taught that winning is everything, but rarely are we told how to rise again after a loss. This competition teaches that failure is the stepping stone to success. The experience of overcoming failure makes future success more robust. So, I advise all contestants to enjoy this journey.”

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