Savi Khalon: Khore Kado Pind… is for all the hustlers out there

After captivating hearts worldwide with the viral sensation Apa Fer Milange, acclaimed artist Savi Kahlon makes a poignant return with his latest release, Khore Kado Pind Geda Lona Maaye Meriye.

In this soul-stirring ballad, Savi Kahlon delves deep into the universal experience of migration and the bittersweet journey of leaving one’s homeland to chase dreams abroad. Set against a backdrop of heartfelt melodies and poignant lyrics, Khore Kado Pind Geda Lona Maaye Meriye beautifully narrates the emotional turmoil faced by individuals who bid farewell to their Pind (village) in search of a better future. The song resonates with anyone who has felt the tug of homesickness and the longing for familiar landscapes, echoing the sentiments of millions who have embarked on similar journeys.

“The inspiration behind Khore Kado Pind Geda Lona Maaye Meriye stems from the countless stories of people who have left their homes behind,” shares Savi Kahlon. “This is a generation that dares to dream big and also make it a reality. But the hardest part is some of us have to leave the warmth and comfort of their homes to achieve the same, and this song is a representation of that struggle and a beautiful tribute to those who have had the courage to follow their dreams. This song is for all the hustlers!”

Accompanying the song is a visually captivating music video, promising to bring to life the struggles and sacrifices depicted in the lyrics. From tearful goodbyes to the triumph of resilience, the video serves as a poignant visual narrative, further amplifying the emotional resonance of the song.

With Khore Kado Pind Geda Lona Maaye Meriye, Savi Kahlon once again proves his prowess as a storyteller and a maestro of emotions.

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