Sayantani Ghosh: Any show's success is an absolute team effort

Sayantani Ghosh, who is seen as Vindhya Devi in Ravindra Gautam and Raghuvir Shekhawat’s Dahej Daasi, which is produced under their banner Do Dooni 4 Films, says the success of the show is all because of the teamwork. She also mentioned that the concept is quite unique and credited the producers for their vision.

She said, “Any show’s success is an absolute team effort, and that’s been the case here as well. To begin with, it’s a fantastic concept. I think right from the onset, when the promo was launched, people had this intrigue, so the people out there were like, This is a unique concept, and we have not seen such a concept before. So hats off to Raghuvir Shekhawat and Ravinder Gautam, my producers, who thought of such a concept, then the network to back it. We got the first step right, and what followed, of course, was good professional stuff and good writing. Then the cast and crew came together. We bonded as a team, and we delivered. So it’s been a team effort when we’ve done it.”

“Also, we have very strong female characters on our show. There’s chunnari, who is the protagonist, and there’s Vindhya Devi, my character, who’s the antagonist. But they both are very strong women. So, different sections of society relate to both of them. Though Vindhya is the villain, she’s loved by the audience because she has her own life and her own life’s journey. So people do realize, or kind of relate to, her struggles. So I think the characterizations in the show and the way the show is written play a very important part in the show’s success,” she added.

She also spoke about the ambience on the set and said it was fantastic; in fact, she called it their first home. “We spend literally the maximum part of our day up and about on our sets. So this becomes, at times, your first home. When you have a work family and when you gel together, and I’m not only talking about the friendship or the equation between the actors, but whether it’s your spot dada, or your hair didI,your makeup dada,or your setting dada, everybody, when your function is in one unit, work doesn’t feel like work. So I think the ambience on the set is great,” she said.

“I remember when we finished and completed 50 episodes, I got ice cream for the entire unit. When we completed 100 episodes, Rajat, who plays Jay, got ice cream. Then the producers don’t miss a single opportunity to get cakes. So these are small gestures of showing love or expressing that we are one as a team and that we are there together in happiness and sadness. So I think all of these factors put together create a brilliant ambience on the set to work, and that’s what makes it not seem like work. You look forward to your day at work,” she added.

Message to your fans? “I always tell my fans that we really put in a lot of hard work for every show. And it only pays off if they like our show. And they’ve really loved the Dahej Daasi till now. Keep loving us; shower all your blessings and love upon us. This is just the beginning. Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. It’s just 100 episodes. So just be there with us. Love us. Love Sayantani, love Vindhya, and we promise to keep delivering good episodes,” she shared.

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