Shah Rukh Khan's Narration Adds Magic Touch  to Badshah's third Studio Album

Get ready for an exhilarating musical revelation as Badshah, the trailblazer of Indian pop industry, gears up to unveil his highly anticipated third studio album, Ek Tha Raja (Translated as - Once there was a King), all set for release on March 18.

Badshah drops an unprecedented visual feast through an announcement video, disclosing a never-seen-before line-up of collaborations across 16 songs. Taking the excitement among fans a notch higher, the Badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan himself lends his king-like voice making this ground-breaking announcement! Who better can narrate the story of Badshah than another Badshah.

This momentous release not only commemorates Badshah’s iconic 12+ years in the music industry but also highlights his commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. Celebrating this milestone decade, Badshah presents his fans with what they know him best for – exceptional music.

Following the triumph of his previous albums, Badshah embarks on a revolutionary journey with Ek Tha Raja, dedicating 18 months to curate an album that transcends conventional music-making. With over 25 artists and producers from both India and around the world joining forces, this highly anticipated album is a testament to collaborative creativity.

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