Shivangi Verma: Many of my casting opportunities have come directly from social media

Tera Ishq Mera Fitoor actor Shivangi Verma, says that social media has played a significant role in her life and career. Shivangi views social media as a game-changer and a blessing for artistes like herself.

“Social media plays a very important role in my life. It’s a game changer. If used right, it can take someone from zero to a hundred in terms of fame and recognition. For artists like me, who might not have received the respect they deserve solely based on their talent, social media has been a blessing. Initially, I was hesitant about it, but my mother encouraged me to showcase my work and personality online. As a result, things started working in my favour. I’ve even been cast in significant projects through social media, such as the biggest music album of my career with Himesh Reshammiya and other projects in 2021,” she says.

She adds, “I’m in touch with many influential casting directors and people in the industry through my social media connections. However, while I believe social media is like a godsend, I also understand the importance of setting boundaries. Too much of anything can be harmful. Social media can expose us to all kinds of people, both good and bad, and sometimes inappropriate content. Despite its downsides, I personally find social media to be the best thing.”

However, Shivangi Verma also acknowledges the importance of setting boundaries and recognizes that social media can expose users to inappropriate content. “Social media has enhanced my career significantly, adding more stars to it. Through social media, people have come to know me better and more deeply. Many of my casting opportunities have come directly from social media, and I believe it will continue to play a crucial role in my career’s growth,” she says, adding, “Unfortunately, social media platforms themselves don’t directly support monetization for content creators like me, but it still serves as a great way to engage with people and involve them in daily activities. When I’m not acting, I focus on creating content, planning my makeup, and thinking about what to share next. This engagement indirectly provides a sense of employment and motivation, especially when I see support from fans in the form of likes and comments. These interactions mean a lot to me and contributed a lot to my journey.”

When asked about the credibility of social media popularity, Shivangi shares that she was initially criticized by her friends and family for using social media to showcase her talent. “Unfortunately, among all my friends and extended family, I was the first one to start using social media and find success on it. I had to prove myself because many of them didn’t support me, whether openly or behind my back. They used to criticise me, saying that talent doesn’t show on social media. They felt that they had worked hard in the industry and were now seeing people on social media gaining fame easily.

Now, ironically, I see that many of them have also joined social media and are doing exactly what I did before. I feel proud that I’ve indirectly or directly motivated them to follow my path,” she says.

Regarding the algorithm changes and fluctuations in views on reels, Shivangi says that she takes social media seriously but does not get frustrated when her reels do not receive views. Instead, she works harder to improve her content and increase its circulation. “See, because for me, social media is really serious. I don’t take it lightly. So, when I don’t get views on reels, I work on it. I do not get frustrated at all because it is for my own good. I know the more views I’ll get, the more my reels are going to circulate. So I don’t get frustrated at all. In fact, I work more towards it,” she said.

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