Shiwani Chakraborty: Happiness is a precious emotion

Shiwani Chakraborty who is captivating the viewers on screen in Maati Se Bandhi Dor, has revealed her unique perspective on happiness. In a recent interview, Shiwani shared that happiness can be found in the smallest moments and experiences, rather than just in grand achievements.

For Shiwani, happiness is not just about big accomplishments, but also about the small pleasures in life. “If I like something small and I buy it with my own earnings, that’s happiness for me,” she said. “Even looking at butterflies or gazing at the moon makes me happy.”

Shiwani emphasized that true happiness comes from within and cannot be measured by material possessions. “Happiness is a precious emotion that cannot be described in words, it’s a feeling,” she explained. “It’s not about what you have, but about how you feel. Peace and satisfaction are closely tied to happiness, and if you’re at peace with yourself, you’re the luckiest person alive.”

She also stressed that success and happiness are not always synonymous. “Even if you fail at something, you should be happy that you tried,” she said. “I’ve enjoyed every step of my journey, and I’m happy just with the attempt.”

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