Simple Kaul: Maintaining mental fitness is crucial

Mental fitness is the need of the hour, says Ziddi Dil Maane Na actor Simple Kaul. She adds that she makes sure of making sure her mental health is maintained.

“Maintaining mental fitness is crucial, as I’ve emphasised. It’s not just about physical fitness; mental wellness plays a significant role as well. Meditation is a practice I engage in regularly. Given my profession in the restaurant industry, I naturally encounter friends frequently. Socialising and relaxation are important aspects of my routine. On Sundays, I indulge a bit, watching films and taking walks on the beach or with friends. Additionally, I incorporate affirmations and gratitude meditation into my daily life to stay motivated and mentally fit. Portion control is something I prioritize during tastings and trials at my restaurant, and I balance indulgences with increased physical activity,” she says.

Ask her how she stays fit physically, and she says, “Following a specific diet plan has been transformative for me. I aim to finish my meals a few hours before bedtime and prioritise a light breakfast followed by a balanced lunch and dinner. While I’m currently focused on weight loss, I generally practice moderation in my diet, avoiding junk food and excessive indulgences. Regular exercise, including gym sessions, walks, and swimming, is integral to my fitness regimen. I supplement my diet with vegetarian protein sources like paneer, soya, and quinoa, along with vegan protein shakes.”

She adds, “Yoga is another practice I believe in, and I plan to incorporate it more regularly into my routine. Additionally, I prioritise self-care in the mornings, engaging in pranayama and meditation to set a positive tone for the day. Overall, being fit means being mentally and physically strong, maintaining a toned body, and embracing a holistic approach to wellness.”

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