Singer Alok Singh Shares His Take on Social Media's Impact

Singer Alok Singh, who has sung the song Rang Ishq Da, says that social media can be both a bane and a boon. He says that it has given a platform to so many talented people.

“Social media is a vast game with countless creators and creations. While it offers a great platform to showcase talents, I never call anyone my competitor, and I don’t see myself that way either. Everyone has talent, and the Instagram algorithm works based on people’s interests. Some realities we can’t change, and it’s not sad but a fact that I have accepted. For me, social media is about sharing my work and connecting with like-minded people. I draw the line when it comes to compromising my values or authenticity for the sake of views and followers,” he says.

Talking about how the platform has helped him, he says, “Social media is the first thing people ask about, making it a powerful tool in today’s world. Whenever I meet someone new, the first question they ask is, ‘What’s your social media handle?’ So yes, it has been a significant help and a blessing for me.”

Ask him if he has felt overwhelmed by how quickly those around him have got popular on social media, and he says, “The more we view things as a competition, the more we get stuck in our own struggles. I feel happy for those around me who have cracked the social media algorithm. My growth is slow and steady, and I prefer it that way, adding more energetic and entertaining content over time. I take my own pace, believing in daily progress rather than a sudden boom. I believe in consistent growth, not just one-time success.”

He adds, “The graph goes up and down, but it doesn’t affect my emotional state. Social media teaches you a lot of things. Sometimes, you put your heart and soul into content, and it doesn’t perform as well as you hoped. However, it still works in terms of reaching a more targeted audience. Just like life has its ups and downs, so does social media. For me, engagement and interactions with my posts are far more important than just views and likes.”

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