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Music Broadcast Limited (MBL), a pioneering name in the media industry, proudly announces the launch of ‘’ a Social Media Influencer Confluence. This automated multi-sided influencer marketing platform is the latest innovation set to reshape the influencer market. It represents a strategic leap forward for MBL, aligning with its vision of adopting digital solutions to enhance brand engagement and consumer interaction. By seamlessly connecting brands with influencers, offers a platform designed to maximize ROI for both parties. Its advanced AI-driven matching algorithms, real-time analytics, and customizable campaign management tools streamline the marketing process, delivering measurable results and setting new standards of excellence in the influencer marketing industry. is aimed at brands and marketers across various industries such as fashion, beauty, technology, finance, lifestyle, and more. Additionally, it targets nano to macro influencers looking to collaborate with brands to promote their products or services. This platform addresses common pain points in influencer marketing, such as finding the right influencers, measuring campaign effectiveness, and ensuring authenticity. Through its comprehensive framework and dedicated support team, provides seamless solutions for brands and influencers alike.

Ashit Kukian, CEO of Radio City, expressed his delight about the launch, stating, “It is a great pleasure to introduce “Your Window to the Social Media World!”, marking a historic point in our journey of innovation. With this initiative, we are redefining branding with cutting-edge solutions that drive meaningful engagement and tangible outcomes. This, in turn, highlights our commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and providing brands with progressive digital marketing solutions."

The launch of is backed by strategic partnerships with influential brands, agencies, and experts. These collaborations strengthen SMINCO’s position in the market. With the support of our platform, brands can stay ahead of the curve and meet changing consumer demands. Customized influencer solutions that fit the needs of each industry ensure that brands can reach the most relevant influencers for their campaigns with just the click of a button.

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