Sneha Raikar: Working in a daily soap is hectic, but it’s not the production’s plan

Sneha Raikar, who plays the role of Shubha Jadhav in Rahul Tewary and Rolling Tales Production’s Udne Ki Aasha, says that shooting a daily soap can be very hectic. She adds that one needs to plan holidays in advance, in order to get some time off.

“The schedules are hectic. Our shifts are usually twelve hours long, and thanks to Mumbai’s traffic, it takes a lot of time to commute. By the time I reach home, I’m totally exhausted. The schedule is hectic, but if I need a holiday, I have to plan in advance. It’s not the production’s fault because the track needs to be shot. Over time, I have accepted this. An actor’s life means planning outings and personal time when not working. The most important thing is my family’s support—my husband and son understand my schedule and always help me. They are very understanding. I take proper rest and sleep, and they manage everything at home. They are my backbones,” she says.

A daily soap means daily grind and with summers in, it is physically exhausting too, she says, adding, “In the summers, shooting is especially difficult due to the heat. We use umbrellas and fans, but it’s still tough. I carry rose syrup with basil seeds to stay cool, and we drink buttermilk and curd to keep ourselves refreshed. Despite the heat, we continue working with full dedication,” she says.

Daily soaps also means constant work and constant income, which justifies the hard work, she says, adding, “Working in a daily soap is a thorough hardship, particularly because of the traffic and long hours. However, daily soaps provide good money. Unlike a 9-to-5 job, our working hours are longer, but you have to lose something to gain something. The best part is the family-like bond we form with our colleagues. This is the plus point of doing television. Every profession has its plus and negative points, and one should accept them without complaint. With a good production house and talented actors, we can deliver good scenes and emotions. Working in television is a thorough hardship, but it is fulfilling.”

Ask her what is the best part of working on TV, and she says, “The best part of working in television is the extended family you create while working. That is the best part. In all the daily soap serials I have done, some people have become very close to me. We are good friends, and we meet and chat. So, family members keep joining as you do more projects. That is the best part of television. And work-wise, yes, you enter people’s homes every day. They see you daily and you become part of their family, and that is the best part of it. If the production is good, you get paid every month, which is very important. When your payment comes on time, you can relax and concentrate better, and you can do good work. So yes, I am happy being a television actor. I have acted in films too but I don’t mind being called a television actor as I had started my acting career with television."

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