Social Media Buzz: ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ Episodes Spark Praise for Rohit Purohit and Producer Rajan Shahi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is trending on social media. After watching today’s episode, people are discussing two specific scenes on Twitter (X). Not only are they praising these scenes, but they are also appreciating two people. Who are these two people? One of them is actor Rohit Purohit, who plays the character of Armaan Poddar. The other person being praised is Rajan Shahi. Yes, even the makers are receiving accolades on social media.

In today’s episode, Madhav gifts a scooter to Abhira, making her very happy. Seeing Abhira happy, Chachi-sa, Krish, Chacha-sa, Kiara, Aryan, and Armaan also become delighted. They take photos with Abhira and pose in front of the scooter. Viewers are particularly loving this bond between Abhira and the Poddar family members.

Another scene is where Armaan Will Put Dadi-sa in Her Place, Vidya Will Be Scared, and Tears Will Come to Abhira’s Eyes. This Scene is the Reason Behind the Praise for Makers and Rohit.

Dadi-sa gets furious seeing Abhira happy and destroys the scooter with her car. Abhira becomes emotional. At this moment, Armaan goes to Dadi-sa and tells her that Abhira is his life and that the more pain she gives to Abhira, the more pain he will inflict on himself. People are really liking this side of Armaan. Some are saying that this is Rohit Purohit’s best scene till date. Others are praising the makers, saying that they have developed Armaan’s character very well.

Social Media Fan Reactions:

One wrote: “This might just be my most favourite Armaan scene ever!! The Swag Bro!!! I know he has a long journey ahead but I am so impressed with the way he is progressing & how he is seeing Kaveri for the Egomaniac she is… He was so good today.. I am melting. 🥺♥️🫠 #yrkkh”

Another wrote: “I love how makers have kept his nature the same and yet given him growth and change. Armaan doesn’t really have to speak out loud or be gregarious to put Dadisa in place. He can take a firm stand without raising his voice or crossing a line and that’s the best thing.”

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