Soniya Bansal and Shiv Thakare unite for a music video

Soniya Bansal, who was seen in Bigg Boss 17, recently shot a music video in the picturesque location of Nainital. She says. “Raj Bhatt lent his voice for the song titled ‘Koi Baat Nahi,’ which boasts a romantic backdrop and my co-star is Shiv Thakare.”

Shiv and Soniya Bansal are shooting in the beautiful locations of Nainital. She says, The pleasant weather in Nainital is providing respite from Mumbai’s scorching heat. Shiv is a great co-star. We were part of the same reality show Bigg Boss definitely we were in different seasons but still we really bonded well.”

Highlighting her extensive experience in the music video realm, Soniya revealed, “I’ve been a part of over 10 music videos, and many more in the pipeline.” She also described her look for the latest project as a blend of formals and glamour.

Discussing the rising trend of music videos, Soniya expressed her appreciation, noting the medium’s ability to captivate audiences effectively within a shorter timeframe compared to full-length films. “Music videos offer a unique opportunity to engage viewers with both visuals and music,” she emphasized.

On being asked about music videos contributing to youth branding, Soniya enthusiastically agreed, acknowledging their significant influence on shaping perceptions and preferences among younger audiences. She says, “Youth connects with music videos as it is quick entertainment in the age of instant entertainment. One gets to explore new locations and look as an artist in every music video. Music videos era is here to stay.”

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