Sonu Chandrapal is all set to enthrall audiences with her Nepali film titled 12 Gaun

Sonu Chandrapal’s upcoming Nepali film debut in 12 Gaun represents a significant milestone in her career, marking her one of the few actress’s to star in a Nepali feature film. Known for her work alongside icons like Hrithik Roshan and Prakash Raj in advertisements, as well as her roles in Gujarati films and television shows, Sonu Chandrapal brings a wealth of experience and versatility to this new endeavor.

Despite the challenge of overcoming language barriers, Sonu has embraced the experience with dedication and professionalism, eager to showcase her talent on an international stage. 12 Gaun, directed and produced by Biraj Bhatta Films and starring opposite Samir Bhatta, promises to be an action-packed thriller that will captivate audiences.

The Nepali film industry is currently experiencing a resurgence, with films and music dominating social media trends. Sonu’s involvement in 12 Gaun not only underscores her determination to explore new horizons but also highlights her commitment to expanding her artistic horizons across different cultural landscapes.

With its gripping storyline and adrenaline-pumping action sequences, 12 Gaun is poised to be a blockbuster hit, further solidifying Sonu Chandrapal’s stature as a versatile and accomplished actress in both Indian and Nepali cinema. Her participation in this film not only bridges cultural boundaries but also enhances the global appeal of Nepali cinema, setting the stage for more collaborative ventures across borders.

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