Sonu Nigam And Kailash Kher lend voice to Anurag Halder's composition in Maa Kali

Born and raised in the cultural city of Kolkata, Anurag Halder’s journey into the world of music is nothing short of inspiring. Despite hailing from a city steeped in art and tradition, Halder’s passion for music transcended the boundaries and drove him into the passion of Indie Music.

Anurag Halder began his music career back in 2013 when he delved into the realms of classical music. Starting with composing a few melodies in Bengali, Anurag later soon found himself exploring the vast landscape of Hindi music, catching the attention of independent music labels with his distinctive style. One of his notable works was the song Faasla, which garnered him a massive fanbase and made his entry into the indie music scene. His ability to blend traditional elements with contemporary sounds earned him recognition as a composer with a unique voice in Bollywood.

Now, Anurag Halder is gearing up for his most ambitious yet sensitive film, Maa Kali. In the film he says, “Maa Kali is a very sensitive film, based on the story of Bangladesh and what happened with east Pakistan. And a massive incident took place, which took the life of lakhs of people, suffering brutal torture, and that is what the story is of the film. This massive story was never in any books of history and was hidden from everyone  and that is why it is called the ‘Erased Story Of Bengal’. This massive story is finally all set to come in front of the audience on what happened between 1947 to 1971.”

Anurag has given composed for the film, in which the songs are sung by ace singers of Bollywood Sonu Nigam and Kailash Kher. And the lyrics to the song are given by Kunaal Verma. Anurag on the music and composition of the film says, “Kunaal has written 3 songs in the movie and the music had to be very sensitive as the film is very sensitive and I knew no one could have done better than Kunaal. The songs lyrics will take you in-depth and surely give you goosebumps.”

On working with Sonu Nigam and Kailash Kher, he says, “I feel I am not lucky but I am blessed. I got to learn a lot of things from them and their humility and willingness to collaborate have been truly inspiring. We have really given a lot of hard work to give the best music we could to the film as the film will surely reach the right audience.”

Maa Kali teaser:

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