Palak Dhorajiya: Being a full-time artist is no joke

Art has the power to bring dreams to life, where brushes and colors create enchanting worlds. Palak Dhorajiya, a gifted artist, has mastered this art of breathing life into her creations. In this column, we shed the spotlight on Palak’s life, where creativity takes center stage, and imagination knows no bounds.

How did you discover your passion for art?
Growing up in India, I had a passion for art and attended workshops and art classes despite being a full-time student. However, education became my major priority, and I pursued a career in Interior Design after relocating to Calgary, Canada. During the pandemic, I discovered “Alcohol inks” and couldn’t stop creating beautiful pieces. Encouraged by my mother and inspired by my art tutor, I decided to take art seriously and provide art classes to others, diving headfirst into an art career I never imagined possible.

Take us through a day in your life as an artist
Being a full-time artist is no joke. It’s not just about painting all day. We have to sell our work, do marketing, and host workshops. My typical day involves answering emails and Instagram messages in the morning, catching up on pending art and tasks in the afternoons, and creating content regularly to reach more people. Weekends are busy with workshops and face painting projects. Taking projects as they come makes my schedule unpredictable but rewarding.

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What challenges do you face as an artist, and how do you overcome creative blocks?
Honestly, I’ve never experienced an art block, and I feel fortunate because many fellow artists have. Sometimes, I may not feel like creating new paintings, but instead of stopping, I take a class or two to learn and develop my skills. I believe there’s always a way out and a solution to keep the creativity flowing!

How do you balance the business and creative aspect of being an artist?
Being both an artist and a businessperson is challenging. From editing videos to marketing and managing the website, the to-do list seems endless. At times, my creative side takes a back seat while the business side takes over, but I always stay connected with my creative roots.

Which is your favourite art medium? 
My favorite art medium is alcohol inks. The vibrant colors and unpredictable flow allow for a mesmerizing artistic experience that captivates both the artist and the viewer.

Your favourite spot/place to do your artwork?
Creating a studio in one of the bedrooms of our home has been the best decision for me. It provides the freedom to explore my creativity without distractions.

What’s the best part about working with children? 
The best part about working with children is witnessing their boundless creativity. Their art isn’t bound by conventional rules; it’s like a limitless rainbow that won’t always have seven colors, and that’s what makes it so beautiful and inspiring.

Workshop details 
1. What: Paint and sip workshop
When: Every Saturday 
Where: Nove Nine Locals Diner and Cafe.
(Tickets available at or Eventbrite.

2. What: String Art Workshop
When: August 20 

3. What: Mandala Workshop
When: August 20

4. What: Lippan Art Workshop: Mud and Mirror Artwork 
When: August 26
Contact: +15878002110

Source: palakstudioink Source: palakstudioink

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