Young Indians abroad are India's ambassadors: Suhas Inamdar

An engineer turned entrepreneur and author, Suhas Inamdar is the brains behind “Suhas Inamdar Consultants” and a trailblazer in the realm of “Motivational Fiction.” In this interview, we delve into Suhas’s evolution as an author, his recent heroine-centric book “Ambition in Aprons,” and his insights into achieving success while balancing diverse roles.


What inspired you to write “Ambition in Aprons” and explore Radhika Ranade’s journey?
Recognizing the absence of strong female characters in my previous works, I crafted “Ambition in Aprons” as a heroine-centric tale. It provided a chance to delve into a woman’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges. The character Radhika Ranade emerged from this exploration.

How can readers connect with Radhika Ranade’s transformation on a personal level?
Radhika’s transformation resonates with women across the globe. Her realization that personal dreams don’t have to be secondary to family goals strikes a chord with readers. Her journey is filled with adventure, suspense, and empowerment.

How can Radhika’s story transcend cultural and background differences?
Radhika’s story is universal in its appeal. It encourages women to dream big and pursue success regardless of cultural or economic background. Her determination and success are relatable and inspiring for all.

How do you balance your engineering career, writing, and YouTube?
Effective time management is key to success. Prioritization is essential; nobody has time for everything. Allocating time based on dynamic priorities enables me to balance multiple responsibilities.

What message would you share with young students and homemakers inspired by Radhika’s experiences?
Every woman possesses potential and self-esteem. Breaking free from imaginary restrictions is essential. This book encourages women to believe in themselves, embrace their ambitions, and realize their right to success.

What do you hope readers will take away from “Ambition in Aprons”?
This book illustrates that women can achieve success at any stage of life. It emphasizes faith in actions, determination, and belief in passions. After reading, readers may reassess their achievements and aim higher.

Any words of wisdom for young individuals navigating life as immigrants?
Embrace the role of a cultural ambassador. Honor your heritage while embracing your new environment. Uphold your values, contribute positively, and remember, you’re shaping perceptions. Young Indians abroad are India’s ambassadors. Maintain pride in your heritage, contribute to India’s growth, and carry yourselves with respect. Your actions shape India’s image on the global stage.

Can you tell us about your writing style and how it has evolved over time?
My writing style revolves around “Motivational Fiction.” Each of my books carries a positive message while catering to a wide age group, from 8 to 80 years. Over time, my writing has grown richer in content, suspense, and lucidity. Reader feedback has played a pivotal role in refining my style.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors looking to find their unique voice and style?
Each writer possesses a distinct style; preserving that originality is crucial. My advice to aspiring authors is to embrace simplicity. Impactful writing need not rely on complex vocabulary. Prioritize content before style.

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