Sumbul Touqeer Dances in the Rain, Fans Go Crazy

Sumbul Touqeer Khan recently posted a video of herself dancing in the rain to Madhuri Dixit’s iconic song “Chak Dhoom Dhoom.” The video showcases Sumbul looking fierce, cute, and genuinely happy, deeply connecting with her fans. Her Instagram comment section is overflowing with love from ADYA fans and Sumbulians, who can’t get enough of Sumbul’s persona.

When asked about her love for the rain, Sumbul shared, “Rains have something special in them. Tea, pakoda, and Maggi with family and close friends on a rainy day is the best combination. When we are on set and it rains, the whole team comes together and has so much fun. We also get to have pakodas on set. Baarish mein kabhi kabhi bheegna is a different moment. It reminds me of my childhood days with Sanya, jab hum sath mein bhigte the.”

Sumbul also expressed concerns about the environment, mentioning that decreasing rainfall and climate change are significant problems. “I feel only we humans can be the change. We need to save water, plant more trees, and avoid using plastic. Nature heals us, but if we don’t save it, we will not be blessed and healed by nature. In fact, my father has made a small garden on our house balcony, and it feels so fresh every morning. We sit near it and it feels very fresh, and I also love to read my books on the balcony.”

This heartfelt connection to the rain and her genuine joy in the video have endeared her even more to her fans. The post has sparked a wave of admiration and nostalgia among her followers, who adore her candidness and the simplicity of her joys.

Sumbul’s video serves as a beautiful reminder of the small pleasures in life, such as dancing in the rain and sharing warm moments with loved ones.

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