Suresh and Padma Wadkar’s Ajivasan Teachers’ Remarkable Dedication on World Autism Day

On this World Autism Day, we commend the unwavering dedication and tireless efforts of the teachers at Ajivasan. Amidst the challenges, their commitment to nurturing the talents of children with autism and Down syndrome shines brightly. Their relentless efforts and compassionate approach embody the spirit of inclusivity and empowerment.

The event held at Ajivasan Hall (Santacruz West), witnessed the esteemed presence of Padma Shri Suresh Wadkar and Prem Vasant, who inaugurated the event with a ceremonial lamp lighting.

Highlighting the evening were heartwarming performances by special students, showcasing their talents and abilities through the medium of music.

Furthermore, attendees had the opportunity to engage in an open Q&A session with renowned music therapist, Ivy Roy, delving into the therapeutic benefits of music for individuals with special needs.

Ajivasan has long been at the forefront of utilizing music as a tool for healing and enrichment, and this event underscores our commitment to fostering inclusivity and awareness within our community.

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