Tanish Mahendru: I never compromise on my diet

Actor Tanish Mahendru, who has been making waves with his portrayal of Sufiyan in Rabb Se Hai Dua produced by Prateek Sharma and Parth Shah’s Studio LSD, is renowned not only for his exceptional acting skills but also for his steadfast commitment to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Balancing a demanding acting career with a rigorous workout routine is no easy feat, but Tanish has mastered the art of time management and discipline.

The actor says, “My morning begins at 5:30 AM, while the world is still dark and silent. I lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement for a brisk jog around my neighborhood. This early morning run not only keeps me in shape but also provides the mental clarity needed to tackle the day’s challenges. After a quick 5-mile run, I return home to a nutritious breakfast of oatmeal, fruits, and a protein shake.”

Talking about his fitness routine, Tanish further says, “By 7:00 AM, I’m at the gym, engaging in a mix of strength training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). My personal trainer, Rohan, has designed a customized workout plan that targets different muscle groups each day, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive fitness regime. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are dedicated to upper body workouts, while Tuesdays and Thursdays focus on the lower body. Saturdays are reserved for core strengthening exercises.”

The real highlight of my fitness routine is my evening swim. No matter how hectic my day on set is, I always find time to dive into the pool. Swimming is not just a workout for me; it is a form of therapy. The cool water soothes my muscles, and the rhythmic strokes help me unwind after a long day of filming. Most evenings, you can find me at the local sports club, gliding through the water with grace and precision.

On set, Tanish’s commitment to fitness is well known. During breaks between scenes, he is often seen doing quick workouts or stretching exercises. His co-stars admire his dedication, with some even joining him for impromptu workout sessions. Tanish believes that a fit body is crucial for delivering the physically demanding roles he often portrays, and his directors appreciate the energy and stamina he brings to his performances.

Despite his busy schedule, Tanish never compromises on his diet. “I never compromise on my diet. My meals are meticulously planned by a nutritionist to ensure I receive the right balance of proteins, carbs, and fats. On days when shooting goes late into the night, I carry healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, and protein bars to keep my energy levels up. Weekends are special for me. On Sunday mornings, I take a break from my usual routine and indulge in outdoor activities like hiking or cycling with friends. This not only keeps my workouts varied and exciting but also gives me a chance to connect with nature and rejuvenate my mind and body.”

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