Thai Naam Unveils New Monsoon-Themed Grill Menu

Renowned Thai fine-dining establishment, Thai Naam, announces the launch of its enticing new grill menu, designed for all the palates during the monsoon season. This meticulously crafted selection reimagines the classic grill experience, offering a unique fusion of familiar flavors and innovative culinary techniques.

The menu caters to diverse preferences, featuring a delectable range of vegetarian, meat and poultry, and seafood options. Diners can explore a symphony of textures and tastes with the vegetable grill, encompassing grilled asparagus with yard beans, a uniquely Thai-inspired white asparagus, and a captivating combination of portobello mushrooms and cheese, all boasting the distinctive smokiness imparted by the grill.

Meat connoisseurs will delight in the classic chicken infused with a fragrant soya garlic marinade or the succulent roasted duck nestled atop a bed of spinach. For those seeking a touch of heat, the menu offers a spicy lamb slice with burnt garlic and a flavorful grilled liver with tomatoes and chili.

Thai Naam’s commitment to showcasing the season’s bounty extends to its impressive selection of seafood grills. Indulge in luxurious baked lobster infused with aromatic Thai herbs, savor plump white prawns seasoned with chili, or relish perfectly grilled fish bathed in the refreshing citrus notes of lemon and basil. For a truly innovative option, diners can explore the scallops accented with the vibrant zest of orange.

This exciting new menu promises a culinary journey that celebrates the monsoon season and the vibrant flavors of Thailand. Visit Thai Naam and create unforgettable monsoon memories.

Where: 1st Floor Bay 99 Campus, near JW Marriott Sahar, IA Project Road Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099

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