Sharvari: I will happily accept being a ‘surprise factor’ in a film

Sharvari, has emerged as the ‘biggest surprise factor’ of Bollywood this month! Not only was she hailed as an actor in the blockbuster Munjya but her dancing skills in Taras also stole a million hearts. Now, as Maharaj streams on a global OTT platform and becomes the Number One film on it, Sharvari is again being showered with love for being the ‘biggest surprise’ of the film!

Sharvari has a guest appearance in the film but her brilliant acting in the second half of Maharaj has earned her a hat-tip from critics and viewers alike. Her energy and acting is like a shining light in Maharaj. Netizens have praised Sharvari as the most promising actor of the industry today.

Sharvari now heads into the release of her next Vedaa, directed by the maverick film-maker Nikkhil Advani, in which she plays the titular role. She has also been cast by Aditya Chopra in the much-anticipated YRF Spy Universe film with Alia Bhatt. Sharvari wants to be known as an actor who strives for excellence and thus, she wants to be the ‘surprise factor’ of every film that she does!

She says, “I’m really thrilled to read that people are calling me a big ‘surprise factor’ of Maharaj. As an actor, I want to make an impact in every role and in every film that I work on. So, I will happily and humbly accept all the compliments of being a ‘surprise factor’ in a film!”

The young actor adds, “It means my performance created a major impactful moment. I strive to give it my best always because I treat every film to be a stepping stone for something bigger and better as my next choices.”

Sharvari further says, “It has been an awesome month for me professionally. To have a huge blockbuster to my credit in the second film of my career, Munjya, is an absolutely amazing feeling. Interestingly, people again thought I was the ‘surprise factor’ of the film and it meant the world to me. Plus, the love coming my way for Maharaj is also an incredible feeling. Being called the surprise factor is a huge compliment in any film.”

Validations propel Sharvari to push and prove herself as an actor with every film. She says, “I’m a very greedy actor. I always work really hard to bring something different with each character that i portray and so validations are hugely rewarding for me. It motivates me to work harder and put up better performances each time I come on screen.”

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