The Hosteller Expands Portfolio with Launch of Bam Hotels, Ventures into the ‘Smart Boutique’ Hotel Space

The Hosteller, India’s largest backpacker hostel chain, is elated to announce the launch of Bam Hotels, a new venture aimed at catering to a broader audience in the hospitality sector. Recognizing the evolving needs of travelers, The Hosteller Management identified an opportunity to extend their offerings beyond the backpacker demographic. With 95% of The Hosteller’s customer segment falling between the ages of 18-30, Bam Hotels seeks to provide a seamless experience for travelers aged 30 and above, offering a sophisticated and comfortable stay while retaining the essence of The Hosteller’s ethos.

Bam Hotels are conceptually founded on five key elements designed to cater to the evolving needs of modern travelers. Embracing a smart approach, these hotels are set to feature tech-first innovations such as zero touchpoint check-in/out and digital room and concierge services. The minimalistic design ethos intertwines luxury with simplicity, offering guests a refined experience. Always aiming to stay ahead, Bam Hotels adopts a futuristic mindset, continuously innovating to disrupt traditional hospitality norms. The accommodations are chic, crafted to appeal to the sophisticated tastes of contemporary travelers. Additionally, the hotels promote community living, encouraging connections and interactions among guests. 

In the short term, Bam Hotels plans to launch a pilot project with fewer than 10 properties in 2024. The goal is to establish Bam as India’s smartest direct-to-consumer (D2C) hotel brand, creating excitement around its innovative features like zero touchpoint check-in/out and reception-less hotels. Looking ahead, Bam Hotels aims to expand to over 100 properties in India within the next five years, becoming the preferred choice for tech-first, mid to high-level income group travelers.

Addressing the occasion, the spokesperson for The Hosteller, said, “Imagine staying in a hotel where there are no queues for check-in, where ordering room services or food and beverages is just a few clicks away on your phone, and where you can control the room temperature without a remote. In a nutshell, Bam Hotels is an extension of ‘The Hosteller brand’ that is specially tailored to meet the needs of a more mature audience. Our goal is to increase the lifetime value of each The Hosteller customer by providing them with a smart, futuristic, and community-centric living experience that sets a new standard for luxury and convenience."

Adding further, he said, “With Bam Hotels, guests can truly escape to their vacations in their own way, taking complete control of their holiday experience. I am confident that Staying at Bam Hotels will completely redefine the travel experience for our guests, offering them countless exhilarating reasons for an unforgettable escape.”

The Hosteller is investing approximately 10-12 crore in branding, marketing, and customer acquisition activities for Bam Hotels this year. The plan includes opening 12 properties in 2024, all designed to provide a seamless booking and staying experience through cutting-edge technology solutions.

Bam Hotels targets a diverse audience, including tech-savvy professionals, family vacationers, luxury seekers, digital nomads, and experience enthusiasts. This segmentation ensures that these hotels meet the specific needs and preferences of different traveler demographics, enhancing their overall stay experience.

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