Totem Tribe 2.0: Afro House Experience

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Totem Tribe 2.0, an Afro House experience that promises an unforgettable night filled with energetic performances and a carnival-like atmosphere.

Event Highlights:
Live DJ Performances: Groove to the beats of renowned DJs House of Tuneman and Viking Soul, spinning the best Afro House music.

Tribal Dancers and Aerial Acts: Enjoy captivating performances by tribal dancers and mesmerizing aerial acts that will keep you enthralled throughout the night.

Live Percussion: Feel the rhythm with live percussion accompanying the DJ sets, adding a dynamic and immersive layer to the music experience.

Carnival Atmosphere: Experience a festive atmosphere with headgear for the audience, confetti showers, and more, transporting you to another world.

Special Effects: The night will be enhanced with stunning visuals and special effects, creating a truly immersive experience.

When: June 28, 2024, 8pm onward
Where: Anti-Social, Hyderabad
Ticket Price: INR 999

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