Twinkle Arora: I don’t follow fashion trends actively

Udaariyaan fame actor Twinkle Arora, who will be seen in Khubsurrat, says she doesn’t believe in following fashion trends. For her, comfort takes over everything when it comes to fashion.

“Fashion trends do change, and I am someone who doesn’t follow them actively. Sometimes I feel like it’s a difficult task because I’m not from a fashion background. So to keep up with it, I have to put in effort,” she said.

She mentioned that, as an actor, she is not forced to style, but believes in dressing up depending on the occasion and place she is visiting. She added, “One has to change their way as per where the person is going. Is it an event? Is it a casual outing? Or is it a show opening?

Twinkle also stressed that at times people go overboard in following trends and said, “Sometimes I see people are not comfortable with what they’re wearing. But that’s fashion. Something that you must look at while deciding what to wear is elegance and comfort. These two are my major POVs while selecting an outfit.”

She is okay with playing characters who have different fashion styles than hers. She said, ‘I’m very comfortable picking up characters whose fashion sense is completely opposite to mine because it teaches me more about fashion and expands my knowledge. It’s also exciting to take on a character with a different look because it allows me to step into someone else’s skin. Plus, it’s easy since the costume department handles all the outfits, so it doesn’t require much effort from me (haha).

Moreover, she loves to dress up as her character when it comes to promoting her shows, etc. “It is a part and parcel of the world we have stepped into. And that is exciting when people get to see you in different avatars. And it’s actually a good moment when people are surprised to see the effort you make while getting into the skin of different characters. So I think that’s a good feeling,” she said.

Twinkle’s comfort clothes are loose pants and crop tops. She said they are easy to style and look nice, and she added, “They’re comfortable to wear too. After that, it would be pajamas or anything that feels comfortable, which is my comfort clothing. Somewhere the kinds of clothes I can move around easily, and they come out to be presentable, like co-ords.”

As for a date night, she would pick up a comfortable, elegant, and classy dress, or she would go for the basic long pants and crop tops. However, in the case of accessories, she is not sure what she would opt for.

“I do not come from a fashion background, and I’m not one to say out loud about this because this is a part where I have limited knowledge. So I’m not sure what accessory it would be. I think all accessories are made for a reason, so I don’t know about this.”

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