Twinkle Arora on World Music Day: Music puts me in a better mood

In today’s world, everyone needs a mood-booster, and for actress Twinkle Arora, this is music. She says that listening to her favourite tracks makes her happier.

“Music, for me, is Roohani. It can teleport us. It’s like being at peace! It is a super duper important part of my life. Music is something that always puts me in a better mood. It helps me be productive. I put on music and complete my daily tasks with fun. Good music can boost your mood and music can even make you cry,” she says.

She adds, “We all vibrate on some frequency and music helps us to get our vibe high. High vibe means a better life. People use sound frequencies while meditating too.”

Ask her what she likes to hear, and she says, “I am a person who loves all genres. It just depends on my mood or my goal to decide what to hear. But if I have to choose, I’ll go for pop or sometimes sufi music.”

She adds, “Singers like Arijit Singh and Diljit Dosanjh have some kind of calmness in their voice.”

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