Umarah Naushad Ali: Fashion is something I am comfortable in, and yet it makes me stand out

Umarah Naushad Ali, who is the granddaughter of legendary music composer Naushad Ali, says fashion for her means standing out yet being comfortable.

“Fashion for me is something I am comfortable in, and yet it makes me stand out, or rather, not think about what others think. It’s how I feel about myself. So if it makes me feel like I’m standing out and it’s stylish and yet grounded, that’s what fashion is for me,” she said.

“The first thing I do when I am picking out clothes or if I’m deciding to style myself in a particular way is see how they make me feel, If it is making me feel good, that is good enough for me. It is nothing complicated and It is nothing extra, I think it’s pretty simple for me when it comes to fashion,” she said.

But Umarah doesn’t feel the pressure to follow any fashion trend. She said, “I don’t feel the pressure to change my style or anything. I never follow what is in and what is happening. I always do my own thing. It doesn’t affect me in any way.”

And she is okay with people following fashion trends too, because she feels fashion represents who a person is. “Even if someone is wearing something extra, that is who they are. That’s their way of styling. So I don’t feel there’s anything unnecessary, it is all about how you carry yourself and how confident you feel about it. People do go overboard at times, and I have noticed that and the only time I really feel it is unnecessary is when you can clearly see them not being comfortable themselves. But again, it’s each to their own,” she said.

Her go-to comfort clothes are just home clothes. “Even when I am stepping out casually, it’s maybe an oversized t-shirt with a pair of jeans or shorts and sometimes it might be a kurta with palazzo or something like that but the way I accessorize my looks makes simple things that Iam wearing stand out,” she said.

And Umarah would never adopt a fashion sense that is completely opposite to her personal style. She said, “I can never go or do anything that is completely different from my personal style, it is just not me. At times even if I feel like there is something that looks amazing design wise I will still not try it if it is not my style.”

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