Unlocking Mumbai's Spiritual Energy: Insights from Healer Ayush Gupta

The quintessential city of dreams, the foundation of larger-than-life careers and the city that never sleep, Mumbai has been the backdrop of many success stories in the past. Ayush Gupta, spiritual healer, Reiki expert, numerologist and tarot card reader, says that the city is destined for success this year.

“In 2024, the number 8 plays a significant role, as it corresponds to the energy of Saturn (Shani). For those whose personal number is 8, Saturn’s energies can be particularly beneficial this year. Now, connecting this to Mumbai, the city is strongly influenced by Saturn’s energy, bringing numerous opportunities and a diverse range of experiences,” he says.

However, it is your energy and direction which will govern how this city will work for you. “Mumbai is a city that propels individuals from ground to sky or vice versa, symbolizing the varied trails and qualities it holds. Saturn’s energy in Mumbai is evident through the abundance of opportunities, exposure, fame, and distractions it offers. If you are on a path of growth, Mumbai amplifies it, but during a downfall, it can create distractions,” he says.

He adds, “Specifically, in 2024, with Saturn being the ruling planet and having the number 8 influence, Mumbai becomes a powerful source of positive energy. Individuals who put sincere efforts in the right direction can find life-changing opportunities, especially in fields like acting, singing, service industries, journalism, and even spirituality.”

But be focussed, Ayush advices. “For those with root numbers 3, 6, or 7 (calculated from their date of birth), Mumbai’s energies can be exceptionally positive. It’s important to maintain balance and not get distracted, as Saturn’s energies can influence both growth and downfall. In simpler terms, if you’re in Mumbai, giving your best efforts in the right direction, the city’s energies can offer you significant benefits and opportunities in 2024,” he says.

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