Unveiling Hansgrohe India's DuoTurn - A Completely Hidden Shower System

Introducing the DuoTurn, country’s first shower system that revolutionizes the showering experience. With just a simple turn, users can effortlessly switch between the overhead and hand showers, eliminating the need for traditional diverter mechanisms. The DuoTurn offers adaptability to any bathroom ambiance, effortlessly blending with all hansgrohe lines. Its intuitive operation allows for easy adjustment of temperature and water volume, ensuring a personalized shower experience every time. 

Available in three purist design shapes—Angular, Round, and SoftCube—and four modern FinishPlus surface finishes, the DuoTurn adds a touch of sophistication to any bathroom decor. Installation is made efficient and safe with the iBox universal 2, while Acoustic Group 1 technology ensures whisper-quiet operation. Also, when it comes to style, the DuoTurn has it covered. With a range of finishes to choose from—chrome, matte black, matte white, and brushed bronze—users can find the perfect match for their bathroom decor. Plus, with three different design shapes available, customization to fit personal style is easy.

The hansgrohe DuoTurn concealed mixer is all about making the bathroom experience simpler and more enjoyable. It’s designed with a focus on both style and functionality. The first thing noticed is its sleek design—just 7 millimeters for the rosette height and a 40-millimeter temperature handle. This means it not only looks great but also provides plenty of space to move around comfortably. Also, it is designed for both shower and bath tub, this sleek and flat faucet seamlessly combines intuitive control with modern design.

Durability is another big plus. Crafted to the highest hansgrohe standards for materials and functions, the DuoTurn promises lasting quality and ease of maintenance. Moreover, DuoTurn concealed mixer not only enhances your bathroom experience but also prioritizes sustainability. Crafted with durable materials and built to last, it minimizes environmental impact by reducing the need for frequent replacements. Additionally, its efficient water usage contributes to conservation efforts, ensuring responsible resource management.

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