Vaishali Arora learnt how to ride a scooty for Udne ki Aasha!

Vaishali Arora, who has joined the cast of Rahul Tewary & Rolling Tales Production’s Udne Ki Aasha, says that she had to prepare well for her role. The actor plays the role of Ria in the show, learnt how to ride a scooty.

“I had to prepare because I had to learn how to ride a scooty. I spent many days practising because I didn’t know how to ride one before, but I learned specifically for this role,” she says.

Talking about the challenges of the show, she says, “The biggest challenge I felt while playing this character was initially figuring out what works for Ria and what doesn’t. Certain things Ria says are strong opinions or statements, but she’s not a bad or negative person. She’s a positive, good girl. However, the way she expresses her thoughts might seem harsh to others. There’s a thin line between having strong opinions and appearing negative. That was my greatest challenge, especially at the beginning. Now, I’ve blended well into the character, and it’s easier. Also, Ria reacts differently to various situations, so it’s smooth-flowing now. We are yet to see what happens when she joins Paresh and Renuka’s family.”

She hopes that people love her character. “Right now, it’s early on for Rhea in the show, and I hope viewers continue to watch and shower their love. I hope they resonate with Ria, understand her opinions and thoughts, and appreciate her loving nature and positive attitude. I especially hope young girls watching the show see how love is beyond anything and doesn’t discriminate based on family background. This will eventually show in the relationship between Ria and Akash. I hope viewers understand the value of love, positivity, and goodness, and see the importance of being strong, independent, and expressing their opinions well,” she says.

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