Vaishali Made: There's no musical background in my family

Singer Vaishali Made, acclaimed for her captivating vocals in hits like Pinga and Fitoori from the blockbuster movie Bajirao Mastani, and Ghar More Pardesiya from Movie Kalank shares her journey from a humble beginning to stardom, navigating through challenges and carving her path in the music industry.

Despite her soaring success today, Vaishali reminisces about her arduous journey, marked by obstacles stemming from her lack of a musical lineage. Hailing from a family devoid of any musical heritage, she stands as the sole enthusiast, charting a course to Mumbai to pursue her passion for music. “There’s no musical background in my family. We don’t have a tradition or a musical lineage,” she reveals, highlighting the uniqueness of her pursuit amidst familial norms.

Her passion for music ignited at a tender age, drawing acclaim for her melodious renditions even in early childhood. However, it wasn’t until her adolescent years that Vaishali envisioned a future as a musician. “When I was in 7th or 8th grade, the realization dawned upon me that I wanted to become a musician, a singer, an artist,” she shares, reflecting on the pivotal moment of self-discovery amidst the crossroads of adolescence.

Yet, her journey was not devoid of challenges, especially in an industry where classical training often reigns supreme. Vaishali candidly acknowledges the hurdles she faced due to the absence of formal tutelage. “Unfortunately, my journey with a mentor came quite late in my life,” she laments, recounting the criticism she endured during reality shows, where her unconventional learning path invited skepticism.

In the competitive landscape of reality television, Vaishali confronted the disparity between contestants with strong classical foundations and her own unorthodox musical upbringing. “Contestants with strong classical backgrounds felt superior,” she remarks, shedding light on the prevailing bias towards conventional training. The atmosphere, influenced by traditional guru-shishya dynamics, posed a formidable challenge for individuals like Vaishali, who traversed an unconventional path to musical prowess.

However, amidst the scrutiny and skepticism, Vaishali found solace and guidance in the form of Pandit Suresh Wadkar, a revered maestro of Indian classical music. Following her triumph in Zee TV  Marathi Sa Re Ga Ma Pa in 2008 and consecutively in Zee TV Hindi Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2009. Intresting, the journey was double rewarding for her as she became a mother for a new born baby and the infant been the part of her journey through the phase of reality show.

Vaishali seized the opportunity to learn under the tutelage of the Padma Bhushan and Padmashri awardee Suresh Wadkar, she recounts, describing the pivotal moment when she embarked on a transformative journey under his mentorship.

Under the guidance of Suresh Wadkar, Vaishali found not only a mentor but also a nurturing environment akin to a traditional Gurukul. “It was like being in a beautiful Gurukul every day,” she reminisces, emphasizing the profound impact of her mentor’s wisdom and guidance on her musical journey. Despite the initial challenges and criticisms, Vaishali’s resilience and unwavering passion propelled her towards triumph, solidifying her status as a musical luminary in the industry.

As Vaishali continues to captivate audiences with her soulful melodies, her journey serves as an inspiring testament to the power of perseverance, passion, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s dreams amidst adversity. With her indomitable spirit and melodious voice, Vaishali Made stands as a shining example of triumph over adversity in the realm of mus

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