Vedmurti Guruji Shri Gorakshanath on his spiritual journey

Be it making a safe haven for those who need it, to imparting knowledge about vedic mantras, Vedmurti Guruji Shri Gorakshanath has devoted his life in the service of others. The founder of the Siddhamath Ashram, vedic sage Shri Gorakshanath Gurujee is well-versed in Vedic knowledge and the science of astrology. He was one the pandits who performed pooja at the Ram Mandir inauguration recently.

“I was born in the holy land of Paithan in Maharashtra, known for saints Jnaneshwar Maharaj and Sant Eknath Maharaj. In my house, teachings and traditions of Vedas, rituals, and more have been passed down through about seven generations,” he says.

He adds, “My father was an excellent devotee of Lord Dattatreya and a great follower of Vedic principles. The influence of his upbringing stayed with me since childhood. In childhood, I imbibed the practices of spiritual discipline directly from my father, making it a part of my self-learning journey. At the age of 8, I entered the Vedic Gurukul in Alandi, where I studied Yajurvedmy rituals, and astrology for 9 years, along with exploring other scriptures. After my studies, I received initiation in Shri Vidya from Swami Shri Govindadev Giriji Maharaj in the Shankar Sampradaya. Additionally, I was initiated into the Nath Sampradaya, bringing excellent benefits during my spiritual journey.”

He says that his learnings have totally transformed the way he looks at life. “In these 23 years, understanding people’s issues and resolving them taught me valuable lessons. I emphasise that nothing in creation is without reason, advocating a stable mindset in every situation. I believe in continually being aware of societal responsibilities when addressed as such. In the solitude of the Kas Plateau near Satara, I practiced in the sacred presence of Goddess Mahakali. Further, my spiritual practices at the holy site of Goddess Renuka in Mahur, Maharashtra, led to significant advancements in Vedic astrology. This knowledge is utilized to address people’s challenges effectively,” he says.

His journey led him to Mumbai, where he founded an institute and an ashram. “In 2001, I arrived in Mumbai and established the Tukamai Center there. Vedic mantras, experienced through scientific methods, allow precise attainment of goals. My expertise in Vedic astrology, based on intricate calculations, provides accurate predictions. For almost 23 years, I’ve guided spiritual practices and puja, benefiting students. To protect the Vedas, I founded the Siddhmath Ashram near Mumbai, offering free education, residence, and meals in Vedic studies, Sanskrit, and rituals. This ashram also includes a cow shelter,” he says.

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