Vesavar Art Gallery Celebrates One Year Milestone with Prabhakar Kolte's ‘Saga’

Vesavar Art Gallery, marked its inaugural year of creative brilliance with great enthusiasm. The gallery, in collaboration with Treasure Art Gallery from Delhi as co-curator, proudly unveiled ‘Saga’ - a captivating exhibition by one of the greatest abstract painters in India, Prabhakar Kolte. 

Known for his mastery in the realms of poetic and metaphysical abstractionism, Prabhakar Kolte, aged 78, brought his distinguished artworks to Vesavar Art Gallery for the first time. His journey from humble beginnings as a freelance illustrator to a renowned artist was nothing short of remarkable. Kolte’s artistic journey was deeply intertwined with meditation, drawing inspiration from the spiritual teachings of Marathi Sant Dnyaneshwar’s Bhagavad Gita commentary.

His paintings embody a vibrant artistic life, pulsating with the essence of existence itself. They resonate with life’s solemn tones and luminosity, captivating the viewer’s inner being through visual engagement. Kolte’s paintings reflect his desire to infuse specific energies into his art. Whether dark, light, or bright, his works demonstrate a shift towards a richer chromatic palette, departing from the stark, pale, monochromatic grounds of his earlier years.

Expressing his happiness to showcase his work after almost two decades, Prabhakar Kolte shared, “My artistic voyage commenced with simple black and white sketches, gradually evolving to embrace a spectrum of colors. Initially, I relied on rudimentary canvas tools. With three decades in the industry, my art revolves solely around expression; the idea is never preconceived before it meets the canvas. I’m very happy to be back in this city after so long. And feel grateful to the founders of the gallery who have created such a beautiful space for art lovers.” 

The prestigious exhibition was inaugurated by Sabina Sanghvi, the multifaceted entrepreneur and media personality, who has championed many social causes. “Team Vesavar’s unwavering belief in art, the city, and the artists is truly commendable. I’m delighted to inaugurate this exhibition and I’m committed to promoting young artists, musicians, and dancers from Pune as it is known as the cultural capital. Prabhakar Sir’s paintings are truly remarkable, and I anticipate enjoying them for years to come. The art of this stature cannot be consumed and understood in just one visit. It’s powerful and requires multiple viewings to fully appreciate. Kudos to the team,” Sanghvi expressed.

The founder Vesavar, Kavita Bhandari said, “On this remarkable occasion of our one-year anniversary, we’re thrilled to announce that Vesavar Art Gallery has successfully completed 10 exhibitions. It’s been an incredible journey for us, filled with growth and achievement.”

Co-founder, Pranali Harpude added, “From our humble beginnings to this significant milestone, we’ve been fortunate to have the unwavering support of the Bhandari family. We’re immensely grateful for the trust and belief shown by all the artists. This anniversary marks not only a celebration of our accomplishments but also a reaffirmation of our commitment to fostering artistic expression in our community.”

Visitors to Vesavar Art Gallery have the opportunity to experience Prabhakar Kolte’s collection first hand, delving into the profound beauty of his artwork showcased during the exhibition.

When: 10 am to 7 pm, till June 9, 2024
Where: Vesavar Art Gallery, MG Pune Central, East Street, Pune
Contact: +91 81 9697 9697

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