WTC and Aanchal Gupta Kalantri celebrated Women’s Day in a unique way

World Trade Centre, Mumbai organised a unique, informative and interactive programme for International Women’s Day, with expert voices on diverse topics, called “Women- Wellness & Wealth”. The programme was curated and moderated by Aanchal Gupta Kalantri, Life Coach & Founder, of Decoding Life with Aanchal. It discussed and offered solutions to challenges faced by women in matters of health, mental & physical, financial decision-making and planning, and legal rights as well as on the esoteric subject of manifestation and vision boards. 

Health and wellness-related challenges are the major barriers to women’s contribution to the Indian economy, which is hardly 17% even though they account for 50% of the population. 

Emphasizing the theme of the program, Aanchal Gupta Kalantri remarked, “Today, most women, despite education, struggle with hectic routines, family & societal pressures & stigmas. We find it difficult to achieve a balance between ambitions & career aspirations, family planning, taking charge of our financial future, knowing our legal rights in India on everything from inheritance to per-nuptials, and then maintaining physical & mental sanity amidst all of this. This program has been specially curated to help everyone from adolescent girls, to retired women, to navigate through health crises, manage personal finances, or seek advice on legal rights, in order to lead a secure and happy life.”

She hosted distinguished speakers, Nirmala Samant- Former Mayor of Mumbai, Nita Shivdasani- MD Waterfield Investments, Dr Ankesh Sahetya- Obstetrician and Reproductive Endocrinologist (Infertility), Nipa Asharam- Certified Life & Health Coach, Rupali Gujrathi Sharma- Founder Women Icons of India, Rahil Parmar - Associate Partner Lifeline Prime Investment LLP who shared insights on their respective subjects. 

Emphasising the need to bridge the gender gap in economic activity, Dr Vijay Kalantri, Chairman, MVIRDC WTC Mumbai remarked, “India has envisioned a USD 30 trillion economy by 2047, which can be attained only with equal participation of women in the manufacturing & service sectors. We need to conduct such capacity-building programs and knowledge sessions on women’s mental and physical well-being to improve their productivity and economic contribution.”

Highlighting the significance of women’s empowerment in the nation’s progress, Rupa Naik, Executive Director, MVIRDC WTC Mumbai remarked, “A community is only as strong as the health of a woman. Mental and physical well-being is a major enabler for women’s participation in the economy and sustainable development. This program will empower women with effective tips to cope with their day-to-day health challenges and mental stress to lead a productive life.”

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