Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhira Lands Her First Case, Unaware of Arman's Influence

In today’s episode, Armaan taunts Kaveri, saying she may have a big name but a small heart, and she only knows to trouble Abhira. He decides to punish himself if Kaveri troubles Abhira again. Abhira asks God to help her reach the court on time, and Armaan helps her by hiring an auto for her. Ruhi fixes Akshara’s picture for Manish and remembers Akshara killing Arohi. She tells Manish that she cannot forgive her.

At the court, Abhira is stunned to see Sanjay and notices how people around him are requesting him to take their cases. Sanjay bumps into Abhira and gives her a look. On the other hand, Vidya learns that Madhav is going on a risky mission. Despite her pleas, Madhav insists on going, saying he came back for Vidya because Abhira insisted, but he can’t leave his duty, so he will go on the mission. He even says that if he doesn’t return from the mission, then Vidya has to look after Abhira.

In the court, Abhira prays to get a case, and a man asks her to fight his case. The man was recommended by Armaan, which Abhira didn’t know. Manish learns that Ruhi is taking counseling and decides not to spare Armaan for hurting Ruhi. Abhira is happy to get her first case. Vidya worries about Madhav while Abhira was dancing with joy to get her first case. Suddenly she sees a chandelier falling over Vidya and runs into Poddar House to save her.

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