Yogesh Sharma of Futomic Group, Wins Young Restaurateur of the Year Award

Yogesh Sharma, the visionary Founder and CEO of Futomic Group, has been awarded the prestigious Young Restaurateur of the Year at the Restaurant India Awards 2024. This esteemed recognition celebrates Sharma’s outstanding contributions to the restaurant industry, particularly through his innovative concepts and exceptional dining experiences.

The Restaurant India Awards 2024 are dedicated to recognizing and honoring the diverse spectrum of industry experts who elevate the affluent and dynamic landscape of Indian gastronomy. By acknowledging extraordinary creativity and excellence, the awards provide a platform for Indian culinary talent to gain international prominence.

Yogesh Sharma, renowned for his storytelling restaurants such as The Flying Dutchman, The Dutchman Port, and Karigari by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, expressed his immense pride and gratitude upon receiving the award. “I am incredibly happy and proud of my team for their unwavering dedication and hard work,” Sharma stated. “This recognition is not just a personal achievement but a testament to the collective effort and passion of everyone involved in our journey. Winning this award fuels our excitement to continue pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional dining experiences.”

Sharma’s restaurants are celebrated for their unique themes and immersive dining experiences. The Flying Dutchman and The Dutchman Port offer captivating nautical tales, while Karigari by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi presents an exquisite blend of traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine. These ventures have set new standards in the industry, attracting acclaim both nationally and internationally.

The Restaurant India Awards 2024 ceremony brought together top industry experts, chefs, and restaurateurs from across the country, creating a vibrant platform for sharing insights and celebrating culinary excellence. The event highlighted the importance of recognizing and nurturing talent within the industry to elevate India’s gastronomic standards on a global scale.

As the recipient of the Young Restaurateur of the Year award, Yogesh Sharma exemplifies the qualities of ingenuity, dedication, and leadership that the Restaurant India Awards strive to honour. His achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring restaurateurs and reinforce the significance of excellence in all aspects of the dining experience.

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