Zee Marathi artistes share their theatre day memories

On the occasion of World Theatre Day, artistes from Zee Marathi reminisced about their memorable moments from their theatrical performances.

Shivani Naik, from Appi Amchi Collector, shared, “Theatre has been the foundation of my career. Appi Amchi Collector marks my debut serial, but it was in theatre that I learned the art of acting. I have been associated with 3 to 4 theatre groups, including Natya Vada and Natya Malhar. I’ve worked in both one-act and full-length plays.”

Dakshata Joyel, from Saara Kahi Tichyasathi, expressed, “I studied in Sathe Vidyalay, and I participated in theatrical events from my school days. I was always enthusiastic about theatre. The stage holds numerous memories for me, especially the ones where I would end up hurting myself. These weren’t small bruises but full-fledged injuries like things falling on me or nails poking into my feet. Every play I performed in taught me something valuable.”

Vallari Viraj, from Navari Mile Hitlerla, recalled, “I started theater during my college days at ML Dahanukar College. I began by managing props and costumes and gradually moved on to dialogue delivery and leading roles. I received the Balraj Sahni Award for my performance in Point Blank. Theater has taught me teamwork, where every artist is equally important.”

Akshaya Hindalkar, from Punha Kartavya Aahe, shared, “Sadhana Ishwar was a theater group where I was involved. My mentor, Milind Pednekar, directed Gol Pitha, a significant play that I participated in for six years. Emotional scenes or challenging moments, every experience on stage was enriching. My journey culminated with our final play, Ti Tasachi Hoti, a professional production, which left a lasting impact.”

These artists reflect on their theatrical journey, highlighting the profound influence theater has had on their lives and careers.

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